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Hi! I'm Vibeke Brethouwer & this is what I do:

β€’ Web
β€’ Branding & Design
β€’ Social Media Marketing

Please have a look at my portfolio for some of my past and present web work.

My current tool of choice for getting your web presence sorted is Squarespace covers the needs of small businesses in one affordable go: hosting, content management, 24/7 support, clean responsive templates. I'm not hung up on tools though and always adding more tools to my toolbox.


Vibeke Brethouwer

About Vibeke

I love media, language, the written word, & being social. When we started having a digital component to our social life it actually felt like a good fit, especially in these globe-trotting days of lives lived spread out over continents.  Although I believe it should never be a replacement for good face-to-face, heart-to-heart, touch-the-grass-with-bare-feet experience, using the web and social media to build and strengthen connections makes me feel giddy with appreciation for the creative strength of humanity ; )

I work with small business owners as a designer, and love setting them free to have the confidence to take charge of their own online presence. The best solutions for your business will always come from you and sometimes you just need to get stuck in to find out how the technology can be your friend. I always try and empower you to be in charge of you online presence and to use the tools that work for you. 

I wear another hat as well,  I am an accredited mediator and that I know how to guide people in conflict through a process aimed at resolving their issues and moving on. There are lots of lawyers that mediate and lots of counsellors that do some form of mediation. My background is not very orthodox for a mediator, but it simply means that I know how to facilitate meetings around a wide range of issues,  from very simple to the more sensitive, difficult, complicated and possibly emotional stuff.

Everyone involved in creative work knows that conflict is part of the process, whether it's within yourself or within groups of people working together. A mediator can help you turn that conflict into a force for good.

I can be contacted for mediation, facilitation and communication skills training work via my contact page as well.